Dr David Dave White-Plenary Speaker

Dr David Dave White-Plenary Speaker

Oregon State University, USA
Chemical Engineer, Climate Change Truth Inc

Biography :

Dave Is a Chemical Engineer with Masters studies in Statistics, currently working on Climate Change. He has 30 years’ experience since graduation in 1984. Promoting responsibility to environment and health of all species. Dave White graduated in Chemical Engineering in 1984. During the time at Oregon State University Dave worked on a cross flow counter current scrubber for coal fired power plants. Additionally took masters level classes on statistics. Then he moved to Hillsboro with his wife and worked in Semiconductors. In 2007 Dave along with Dr. Tom Wallow produced a paper on ARF double patterning for semiconductors. This multi-pattering scheme is widely used in today’s semiconductor manufacturing plants. In 2011 Dave started a consulting business for Semiconductors. In 2017 Dave Started Climate Change Truth Research Inc. Dave is seeking the truth about climate change. His research interests are evaporation from the ocean, rain forest destruction effects and diffusion of CO2 through the atmosphere.