Scientific Sessions

Track 1

Agricultural Sustainability and Climate Change

Track 2

Atmospheric Changes

Track 3

Biodiversity and biological conservation

Track 4

Climate and Energy Policy

Track 5

Climate Change Adaptation

Track 6

Climate Change and Health

Track 7

Indigenous climate monitoring and mitigation

Track 8

Co2, Emissions, Capture and Sequestration

Track 9

Disaster Management

Track 10

Ecology and Ecosystems

Track 11

Emissions and Control

Track 12

Climate Change Law Policy

Track 13

Geothermal Power Heat

Track 14

Global Climate Strategies and Policies

Track 15

Global Warming ModellingSimulation

Track 16

Green Technology and Green Production

Track 17

Greenhouse Gases and Emissions

Track 18

Natural Hazards and Disaster Management

Track 19

Sea-Level Rise, Oceans and Climate Change

Track 20

Ozone Depletion and Polar Ice Cap Melting

Track 21

Pollution and Climate Change

Track 22

Recycling and Waste Management

Track 23

Renewable Non-Renewable Resources

Track 24

Renewable Energy and Climate Change

Track 25

Sustainability and Climate Change

Track 26

Energy Policy