Scientific Sessions

Track 1

Geology and Environmental Sustainability

Track 2

Geoscience Education

Track 3


Track 4

Geology in Engineering

Track 5

Environmental Geology

Track 6

Mining Engineering

Track 7

Structural Geology

Track 8

Ecology and Ecosystem Services

Track 9


Track 10

Petroleum Geology

Track 11

Marine Geology and Marine Engineering

Track 12

Geographic Information System GIS

Track 13

Soil and Soil Preservation

Track 14

Gas Reservoirs

Track 15

Volcanology and Plate tectonics

Track 16


Track 17

Sustainability and The Human Environment

Track 18

Ecological Science Ecotourism

Track 19

Agriculture and Agricultural Engineering

Track 20

Earth and Geochemistry

Track 21

Environmental chemistry and engineering

Track 22

Environmental Toxicology

Track 23

Climate Change

Track 24

CO2 capture and sequestration

Track 25

Desalination and Groundwater Issues

Track 26

Pollution and Health Issues

Track 27

Environmental Protection

Track 28

Environmental Sustainability and Development

Track 29

Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming

Track 30

Nanotechnology Impacts on Environment

Track 31


Track 32

Oil Spills

Track 33

Pollution and Preventive Methods

Track 34

Environmental Law